Windward Industries is a worksite based at Portland Aluminium smelter. Supported employees complete recycling and cleaning contracts.

Our Employees

All employees work under Supported Employment Services Award. Our workers are assessed for their rate of pay using a wage assessment process that compares an employee’s output & standards, against set requirements for individual tasks. Employees earning more than $ 450.00 per week are entitled to 9.5% superannuation.

Our Staff

The Manager is David Maclean. Other staff are part time or casual.

Our Contracts

Waste Minimisation:

  • Re-use, Reduce and Re-cycle: We quality check and when possible, re-cycle gloves used on site e.g. Cotton, rigger, rubber and welding gloves.
  • Fabricating feeder hoses for Keppel Prince Engineering and insulators for Kempe Maintenance & Engineering.

Laundering of assorted on-site items:

  • Sort/launder rags and after a stringent quality process recycled rags are sent back to be used on-site.

Cleaning of safety equipment, Racal helmets:

  • Cleaning PA operators and contractors Racal Helmets on a daily basis in the Respiratory Support Centre.

Processing of shredded coconut husks for liquid spills:

  • At Western Liquid Waste we process a product derived from coconut husks. This product is then used at PA as an absorbent on liquid spills.

Work experience programs that are offered throughout the year are enjoyed by Portland Secondary students, Portland Bay School students and anyone else who might benefit from vocational training in a Supported Employment setting.

We are passionate and proud of our work and of having the opportunity to be included in Portland Aluminium and associate contractors production processes. Skills training provided to Windward Industries employees on an on-going basis results in an increase of the individual’s self esteem, confidence and competence.

Processing Tech Gloves